Diesel loves Big Boi & Bobbi's Calm Shampoo! His dry paws soaked up the lavender and tea tree oils and his coat is super smooth after his bath! Not to mention he fell asleep not too long after this picture! The oils even had my hands feeling soft after his bath! Thanks for a great product that really works!

Patricia Francois (owner) -San Antonio, TX

Scrumptious is the best dog shampoo, hands down.

– Glen Riley of CT Bully Empire

"I love the smells, but the actual product is amazing! You don't have to use a lot to lather! Love that! And the lavender put that baby right to sleep!!! There's nothing like a quality product. Bully Vuitton will be definitely sending all my puppies home with your products."

– Bully Vuitton, Las Vegas, NV

"Seriously. Great Product! We use it as a final shampoo for skunks! Amazing! Also used it on all my dog before customer's (dogs). Better skin! My skin feels as soft as his fur!"

– Biscuits and Bows, Palatine, IL



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