Big Boi of Outkast and actress Bobbi Panter talk about their new shampoo line.

The one and only Maggie Marton, #BlogPaws blog manager, interviews the uber cool Big Boi of #Outkast at #GlobalPetExpo

Get your pooch smelling so fresh and so clean! Check out the hottest product of the Global Pet Expo 2016 show - Big Boi and Bobbi's line of dog

Big Boi is here to help all the dog owners. The OutKast member has teamed up with pet product entrepeneur Bobbi Panter to release a new dog shampoo. The new business venture makes sense. Big Boi co-owns Atlanta’s Pitfall Kennel, which specializes in breeding American Bullies, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. Read More: Big Boi Is Selling Dog Shampoo - XXL |

Big Boi recently teamed up with pet product entrepeneur Bobbi Panter for their new dog shampoo. He’s been known to breed American Bullies, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs at his Pitfall Kennel in Atlanta, so it’s no secret that the Outkast member is a dog lover.

Big Boi has been a long-time hustler in the business of selling Pit Bulls and now the Grammy-award winning rapper has partnered up with pet product tycoon Bobbi Panter to bring dog lovers "Big Boi & Bobbi".


Grammy winner, rapper and duo member of Outkast, and dog lover Big Boi teamed with Bobbi Panter, the creator of Bobbi Panter, a natural shampoo line–launched “Big and Bobbi,” for dogs with skin issues.

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Big Boi (Outkast) and Bobbi Panter Dog Shampoo Collaboration Today's lesson in entrepreneurship comes from Grammy-Award winning member of Outkast Big Boi and his business partner Bobbi Panter on the topic of finding a co-founder.
Rapper Big Boi Joins Bobbi Panter to Create Dog Shampoo Line. The former Outkast member collaborated with the natural products creator on two product lines coming to stores soon.
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The Best of Both Worlds
Bobbi Panter, owner of Bobbi Panter Pet Products, discusses her recent partnership with Antwan André Patton, better known as Big Boi from the hip-hop duo Outkast.
Outkast’s Big Boi’s New Dog Shampoo Leaves Pooches Smelling Fur-ocious! Teaming up with Bobbi Panter, dog-lover and rapper Big Boi is releasing a pet shampoo that’s made for dogs with sensitive skin.
Bobbi Panter and Big Boi Launch New Big and Bobbi Dog Shampoo Line
Big Boi, American rapper, songwriter, producer and member of Outkast, has partnered with Bobbi Panter to launch Big and Bobbi, LLC, a line of dog shampoo.
Bobbi Panter Partners With Outkast’s Big Boi
Bobbi Panter, a creator of natural pet shampoos and pet skin care lines, was intrigued when she learned that Antwan Andre’ Patton, better known as Big Boi from the hip hop duo Outkast, loved her shampoo and was interested in partnering with her.

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