Well known creator of natural pet shampoos and pet skin care lines, BOBBI PANTER, was intrigued when she learned that Antwan Andre’ Patton, better known as BIG BOI from the hip hop duo OUTKAST, loved her shampoo and was interested in partnering with her. It turns out that BIG BOI has been a dog lover and advocate from a young age. “I was fascinated by Big Boi’s love and passion for his pets and eager to learn more about this world of dogs that I didn't’t know much about, “says Panter. After meeting with Big Boi and his brother, James, at their Pitfall Kennels in Atlanta, she instantly knew that this was a true match and a great way to reach out to even more pet owners! Big Boi and Pitfall Kennels specialize in American Bullies, English Bulldogs, and French Bulldogs (Frenchies) (UnbelievabullBulldogs.com). “I was anxious to see what these breeds were all about and as I suspected, they are adorable, affectionate and lovable too,” says Bobbi, “I fell in love with them all!” Big Boi, in turn, took to Bobbi’s two dogs, spokesmodels Bebe and Cece (and they to him), and through this melting pot of worlds came the idea for Big Boi and Bobbi dog shampoo! Bobbi’s mission has always been to get her personally created problem solving shampoos into the hands of ALL pets and their owners and a partnership with Big Boi was a perfect fit! Big Boi always wanted to parlay his love of dogs and his creative artistry into products that contribute to the welfare of all animals-the perfect combination. Big Boi is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, six time Grammy winner and actor, best known for being a member of the hip hop duo Outkast alongside Andre’ 3000. Big Boi’s love of animals started at an early age when he began bringing in strays to care for and nurse back to health. He eventually started a kennel with his brother, James Patton, called Pitfall Kennels in Atlanta, specializing in his beloved Bullies and French Bulldogs.

Bobbi is a former actor from Second City who starred in national TV commercials and sitcoms before she started her own pet products company. Bobbi personally created her own natural shampoo formulas using essential oils out of love for her blind dog, Bobo, whose skin and fur were destroyed by drugs used during eye surgery. Her products are now sold nationwide and internationally and have a loyal following with groomers and pet owners alike. The two unlikely partners came together out of a common thread…love of their pets! “Once I saw how great Bobbi’s products are and how passionate she is about her pets and helping other animals, I knew I wanted to partner with her and get these products in even more dog owner’s hands,” says Big Boi,  “I look forward to the possibilities ahead for us!”

Big Boi Biography

Big Boi is a world renowned rap artist whose career spans 20 years and counting. He has accrued many accolades and awards during his expansive career, most notable being 16 Grammy Nominations and 6 Grammys wins along with being certified Diamond, Quadruple Platinum, and Platinum. Outside of his primary role as partner to Andre 3000 in Outkast and as one of the central members of The Dungeon Family, Big Boi (born Antwan Andre Patton) appeared on tracks by Missy Elliott (“All N My Grill”), Trick Daddy (“In da Wind”), Jay Z “Poppin Tags”, Killer Mike (“A.D.I.D.A.S”), Beyonce (“Hip Hop Star”), Brooke Valentine (“Girlfight”), Sleepy Brown (“Margarita”), and Fantasia (“Hood Boy”).

As a solo artist, in 2005 the MC released one of the year’s best rap singles “Kryptonite" (I’m on it) as the lead single from the officially released showcase for his Purple Ribbon Label. The eclectic album Got Purp?, Vol.2 featured the likes of Killer Mike, Sleepy Brown, and protégé Janelle Monae.

In addition to being a rap artist, Big Boi is also an accomplished actor and has graced not only the TV screen and big screen, but also the stage, having had major rolls on “Law & Order SVU”, Outkast’s “Idlewild”, “ATL”, and “Who’s Your Caddy?” and has worked with the Atlanta Ballet in 2008.

In 2010 Big Boi prepped his first solo album via Def Jam, the loose and rollicking Sir Lucious Left Foot…..The Son of Chico Dusty. It debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 chart. Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, issued in December 2012, took on a different vibe that transcended beyond the realm of rap as it was packed with the likes of Little Dragon, Wavves, and Phantogram which ultimately paved the path for his latest project Big Grams. “Big Grams is the party put on by the affable and cool kids”- Entertainment Weekly.

Bobbi Biography

Bobbi is a former actor and writer who starred in national TV commercials and sitcoms, trained and performed at the highly acclaimed Second City, wrote and produced her own two-woman show and whose voice was heard in many radio and TV spots. Bobbi then followed her passion and used her ingenuity to help her beloved dog, Bobo, by creating her own products and starting her pet products company, Bobbi Panter Pet Products.

Bobbi created her products after Bobo had serious eye surgery and the effects of the drugs took a toll on both Bobo’s skin and fur. Bobbi began her quest to find a product to help Bobo. After she could not find a shampoo that actually worked to do what it claimed, she took matters into her own hands and began reading natural healing books for both pets and people and began to mix and test things in her own kitchen. During this process she realized that there were no shampoos on the market that she would use on herself. With her vision and determination in hand, Bobbi worked with a chemist, groomer and veterinarian for 2 ½ years to “fix” what she felt was wrong with the shampoos currently on the market (they contained salt to thicken them) and “fix” the problems her friends and family’s dogs were having like itching, skunk, dry skin, tangled hair and more using essential oils.

Over the last 10 years, Bobbi has become a leader and a well respected spokesperson in the pet industry with her extensive knowledge of ingredients and their effects on pets. “What we put ON our pets is just as important as what we put IN our pets,” has been Bobbi’s mantra. Groomers, store owners and consumers alike look to Bobbi and her products for natural ingredients and product solutions that they know are effective, safe and the very best on the market. Through her training programs, retailers have learned that they can be confident that they are offering the very best for their customers and their pets and understand what sets Bobbi’s products apart from the others. Her salt free, tear free basis for all of her products has become a major factor in her products success.

Bobbi’s custom blended formulas are developed and personally owned by Bobbi. Her products are now sold nationwide and internationally.

Bobo is gone but her memory lives on with Bebe and Cece, Bobbi’s adorable Shih Tzu spokesmodels. Gone but not forgotten! As someone said to her once, “Bobbi, Bobo is everyone’s dog.”

World Famous Pitfall Kennels

Pitfall Kennels is a prestigious kennel tucked away on 25 acres down in the southwest part of Atlanta, Ga. Pitfall Kennels is co-owned by Antwan “Big Boi” Patton and his brother James Patton who acts as managing partner and runs the day to day operations. For over 20 years they have specialized in breeding quality rare and exotic American Bullies. In recent years they have added French and English Bulldogs to their resume. Their dogs are highly coveted and sought after by celebrities and dogs enthusiasts alike. Some of their celebrity clientele include:

Serena Williams (Tennis Great) Justin Miller (Detroit Lions)
Cosey Coleman (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Veron Haynes (Pittsburg Steelers)
Hugh Douglas (Philadelphia Eagles) Kamal (Roots Crew)
Usher (Recording Artist) Jermaine Dupri (Producer)
Richard “Rip” Hamilton (Detroit Pistons) 50 Cent (G-Unit)
Lloyd Banks (G-Unit) Jordan Babineaux (Seattle Seahawks)
Jonathan Babineaux (Atlanta Falcons) Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire)
Reggie Evans (Sacramento Kings) DJ Khaled (Producer, Radio Personality, Record Exec)


Pitfall Kennels' main goal in breeding is to produce the most loyal, sound minded friend and companion that will be a great addition to any family. They do this by treating the dogs just as they treat their own personal pets. They spend quality time with each dog to get them acclimated to the socialization that will be needed when they go to their forever home. Healthy and happy dogs/pups are their #1 concern. Although these dogs require a lot of attention and affection, the love these dogs are given results in them giving three times the love right back. You can find more information on Pitfall Kennels and their pups at www.pitfallkennels.com and www.unbelievablebulldogs.com/.

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